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Brother Jon's History in bend

Long before Galveston Avenue was on the map, there stood a tall and proud mountain named Brother Jonathan by missionaries who traversed the Cascades in the 1800’s. It was said that this brother had three sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity. The brother was nicknamed The Bachelor, and later, as we know it now, came to be called Mount Bachelor. While building the public house, we were hoping to create an establishment that would most commonly be visited by locals and regulars right here in our own neighborhood.

As well, we wanted to call our restaurant by a name that would connect it to the identity and community of Bend. On June 27, 2009, Brother Jon’s Public House was born. In the years to come we urge you to utilize our pub as a gathering place to meet with friends and family; a place to pull up a chair next to a stranger and share a beer; a place to discuss politics, science, sports or religion; or a place to watch a game, read the paper or simply grab some good food and great company.